Winter is coming so so fast but i bought three new winter coats so i will be ok.

Its been too long since the last post, what with hire , repairs and new products coming in we don’t have the time to blog. Well now we are back and we have loads to discuss.

Firstly the sound processor situation has at last been addressed , the behringer ultra drives are being replaced by OHM Oysters, expensive little things they are but it will give us more safety and slightly better sound on the 16k void rig. The 2 ultra drives will be used on two other spare amps for the smaller hires .

Secondly the lighting issues are being looked at with more investment going into dmx and additional moving heads, we have decided the more moving heads the better everything will look.

Thirdly and finally you will notice that we have a new wedding hire/package page. This is something we have had planned for a while and with GNT Medias help the page is up and running. Take a look if you are planning your big day as it caters for all budgets and will certainly not disappoint whatever package you go for…

Thats all for now , we will speak sooner next time.