At Lancashire PA Hire, we know how important your wedding day is. From your wedding DJ to catering, everything needs to be perfect. Arguably the most important takeaway from your big day is the memories it creates, and a great wedding photographer can capture them perfectly to enjoy for years to come.

However, finding the perfect wedding photographer can be hard – and with everything else going before your big day, it’s a stress you definitely don’t need. That’s why we’re bringing you our recommendations for the best wedding photographers in the North West.

This month’s wedding photographer of the month is Shane Webber, who’ll be giving us an inside look into why he loves photographing weddings – as well as a sneak peek inside his essential photography kit.

Shane Webber3

What do you love most about photographing weddings?

“The best thing about photographing weddings is capturing the emotions throughout the day. From tears to laughter, I love to tell the story of the entire wedding day from start to finish in my natural and creative style. Another part of the job that I love is giving my clients their images and receiving lovely feedback. It really does make my day when I receive a lovely testimonial thanking me for my hard work and some clients even go the extra mile and send me a thank you gift through the post!”

Shane Webber1

Do you have a favourite wedding venue that you enjoy working in?

“There are so many incredible wedding venues throughout Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire that I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite! My favourite style of wedding venue however is a natural and outdoor wedding venue with lots of hills and countryside in the background. The English countryside really is beautiful and I love capturing wedding photos with amazing scenery as a backdrop.”

Shane Webber2

What’s in your camera bag and what equipment do you use on a shoot that you think are essential?

“I now have so much equipment that I have had to buy a second camera bag! My main camera bag stays with me on the day, whilst my second camera bag is in the car.

In my main camera bag I have the following:

  • x2 Canon 5D III’s

  • 50mm 1.2 (I love this lens!)

  • 24mm 1.4

  • 85mm 1.8

  • 24-70mm 2.8

  • 70-200mm 2.8

  • 24mm 3.5 Tilt Shift

  • x2 Canon 600EX-RT flash guns

Plus lots of memory cards and batteries!

In my second camera bag I have the following:

  • 8-15mm fisheye lens (for creative shots)

  • 16-35mm 2.8 (for venue shots and “epic” wide angle bride and groom portraits)

  • x2 Canon 600EX-RT flash guns

  • Various other lighting accessories

Throughout the wedding day I shoot with 2 cameras (using a Sun-Sniper dual camera strap). This allows me to use 2 different lenses at the same time.”

Images courtesy of Shane Webber