At Lancashire PA Hire, we know how important your wedding day is. From your wedding DJ to catering, everything needs to be perfect. Arguably the most important takeaway from your big day is the memories it creates, and a great wedding photographer can capture them perfectly to enjoy for years to come.

However, finding the perfect wedding photographer can be hard – and with everything else going before your big day, it’s a stress you definitely don’t need. That’s why we’re bringing you our recommendations for the best wedding photographers in the North West.

In this month’s edition we’re featuring husband and wife Steve and Ruth from Schtuff Wedding Photography – asking just what it is they love about wedding photography and what essential camera kit they couldn’t be without.

Wedding Photography by Schtuff 20150404_9850A

What do you love most about photographing weddings?

“The wedding day is one of the most important days in a couple’s life. To be entrusted with photographing the day for them gives us (I work with my wife) a sense of real personal satisfaction and value. The day is non-stop from the moment we arrive, usually two hours before the ceremony until an hour or so after the first dance. Everybody is enjoying the day which allows us to enjoy it with them. A typical day for us is 12-15 hours and when we leave, the feedback we get is so heartwarming we know we have accomplished everything we set out to achieve by doing this job.”

Wedding Photography by Schtuff 20150529_9847D

Do you have a favourite wedding venue that you enjoy working in?

“We love venues that have great architecture or stunning backdrops. When I was at college studying photography, one of the main things they emphasised was to always look at the background. The right background can add so much to the impact of a wedding photograph. We are blessed with so many cool venues in Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire that we could not isolate one particular venue. We have achieved recommended wedding photographer status with a number of hotels which is really encouraging.”

Wedding Photography by Schtuff 20150606_9849C

What’s in your camera bag and what equipment do you use on a shoot that you think are essential?

“Too much! For wedding photography, we use professional top of the range Nikon equipment. Recently we have also started shooting video as well and we use high definition broadcast quality Canon video units. We could shoot a full day wedding with just two lenses, a 24-70 and a 70-200. Add a speedlight and you could do a good job with those pieces of kit. Do we take more than that? My car is loaded with kit on a wedding day to ensure I can produce the highest quality of image for our couples. This includes fancy umbrellas, a waterproof mat for the bride to sit on (we don’t want to be the ones who get the dress messed up!) and some snacks for the bride and groom to keep their energy levels up.”

Images courtesy of Schtuff Wedding Photography