At Lancashire PA Hire, we appreciate how important your wedding day is. Whether it’s your choice of caterer or your wedding DJ, attention to the finer details is crucial in ensuring your day goes off without a hitch.

We’ve been speaking to the guys from UK Wedding Favours – asking them what are their favourite wedding favours and some of their top tips for brides planning their big day.

Wedding gift

What’s your best tip for a bride planning her big day?

“I think the biggest tip I’d give any bride is don’t leave things to the last minute. You’d be amazed how many people contact us the day before in a panic. It’s a last minute stress a bride or groom does not need before their big day. So book/order the obvious things as soon as you have a venue (ie cake, florist, photographer, DJ/band, wedding cars). Once these are ticked off, you can start to enjoy planning the little things in terms of decorating the venue/tables and shopping for the dresses and suits.

Having an idea of your wedding theme and colour scheme is a huge help, however these shouldn’t be set in stone until you’ve found the dress. Before I got married, I was certain I wanted yellow and navy as my colours – with sunflowers being the central part. However, I fell in love with a vintage style wedding dress and everything changed. Being flexible on this is a must. Once you have the dress, these can be decided easily and everything in terms of bridesmaid dresses, flowers and decorations usually drop into place quite quickly at that point.”

Apart from the favours, what do you think is the most important part of a wedding day?

“The obvious answer to this is having fun! A wedding is a single day that will go by in an absolute blur, the one thing you don’t want to do is stress on your big day – just enjoy the day however it turns out. If anything goes wrong it just adds to the fun of the day and it will probably be something you’ll look back and laugh about a month later.

Ensuring you have a band or DJ that can get the crowd going is a massively important part of the day as this will help to ensure the fun goes on all night. There’s nothing better than being at your own wedding, in the evening after all the speeches are done, the cake is cut and you’re no longer on show – you can let your hair down and hit the dance floor and party with your nearest and dearest.”

What’s your favourite wedding favour to design and make?


“This is a really tough one. I think my favourite favour to design and make has to be one I made recently, but it’s not on our site yet. It was the one I created for my own wedding. It will be on in the next couple of weeks though. Excluding that one, a favour I particularly like making is our Crystal Tulle favour. It’s got lots of different parts and all together it looks great – it’s a very traditional favour so maybe not everyone’s taste. Another favour I think looks great, which is probably more modern, is our Rustic Rose Box. We have lots of new designs due on the site in the next few weeks though which I really enjoyed designing and I’m very proud of.”

What’s the most unusual favour you’ve been asked to make?

“I don’t think there is a particularly unusual favour that we’ve been asked to make to be honest. Most of our favours start from our own designs and are tweaked if necessary. We’ve had unusual requests in terms of timings, with people asking for favours 2 days before their wedding in absolute panics or asking for huge quantities at short notice. We had an Egyptian Politician ordering for her daughter’s wedding and she needed nearly 500 favours made and delivered within 4 days – that was unusual. Normally we get a little more notice.”

What makes your wedding favours different from others in the industry?


“I think the thing that makes us different from other suppliers, is we offer the option to have your favours made or for you to do them yourself. We’re also happy to tailor any of the favours you see on our site as they’re all made in-house and if any of the designs aren’t quite right, we can adjust them accordingly. There are very few companies that would offer this service at the prices we give. We have a huge range of DIY favour options and we’re always happy to give advice and discuss possible ideas and options with any bride or groom. The favours we have are all designed by us and are unique to our site.”

Images courtesy of UK Wedding Favours