It’s time for new kit yet again here at Lancashire pa towers. With the success of the Wheelton gig and the good report on the Isolution imove 50s lights, we have purchased another 50s moving head and additional trussing. That then gives us 3 moving heads to bolt to 4mtrs of aluminium trussing. Then we can add two dualize twin dish LED lights to fill the gaps, trust us it looks absolutely gorgeous and once you have the high output haze machine added to it, bloomin beautifull….

The next purchase issue is whether head honcho Darren Alderfield sells the CDJ2000s to buy, the CDJ2000 nexus replacements. There are major gripes on the forums about the new model and what it can do. Personally he sees it as an upgrade after three years of using the current model. I think we know what will happen, they will be bought and the old ones will get put on ebay very soon.

Finally the tinnitus issue is getting better for Darren. Currently he wears the acs 17db reduction moulds through the day and acs 15db reduction moulds when djing. He reports now that things are all good. If you do a bit of research on the problem you will be surprised as to who has it and how they deal with it, stay safe.