It makes you wonder if the rain will ever stop, sitting here writing this blog with the sun actually shining through the office window is amazing to see.

With that thought in mind it must be time for a season change as the bookings are increasing and the hire book is filling to a satisfactory level.¬†This increase in bookings has prompted us to make dramatic changes here at Lancashire pa hire, at last we have purchased a larger more convenient transit van. After years of putting up with the berlingo it’s great to actually have the bigger vehicle, the smaller van will be kept though as two is better than one.

Equipment is to be changed yet again as we are sitting on too many old amps and mixers but they do need to go. The only issue we have are the ebay charges once the items have sold for silly money, silly meaning too low. There isn’t a lot you can do though, you need to sell items and have to accept what you can get.

We will post pictures of the new arrival on the gallery soon along with the old trustworthy berlingo…