After all the hastle of buying, selling and hiring to get the big rig to where we want it, we have decided to sell our  Void VLF subs as they are not doing what we want. Thankfully we sold them really fast to a colleague in north wales who has 2 already with their arcline system. To replace and upgrade we are going to purchase 2 Stasys X bass speakers in black with the idea to buy two more by the end of the year.

These two speakers will be sat vertically with our 2 black air motion 3 way tops strapped on giving one hell of a sound and feel. (the picture shows the stasys x air with red tops, ours will be black tops and the bass cabs will be the version without the red aluminium bracing) Then the four Arcline x bass bins will be used for in fill on larger events with the 2- 3t tops in the centre aswell. That will give us a system of between 16000 and 19000 watts running at an average of 135db.

To give you an idea of what the stasys X and air motions will do, the very same set up has just been installed in joshua brooke night club in manchester, together they pack one hell of a punch