Hi one and all, we hope your all doing well in the unusual UK heat and the glorious sunshine. This fine weather has certainly brought us more outside events to cater for and we have also  had a lot of enquiries from those parties we have done thus far. Let’s hope that this continues for a long while yet.

We have made a few purchases this month to complete the amplifier set up, we can now proudly say that the entire big rig is powered by Matrix amplification. A MF 10,000 for the 2 twin 21 inch Void Very low frequency subs, 2 MF 5000s for the 4 Void Arcline X bass bins and 2 6004s for the 4 Void 3t tops. It is now running at full capacity and it will certainly change your opinion of what it feels and sounds like now the amps are all the same. If you have hired the 8k rig or 16k rig before it will sound even better now.

The other smaller systems are powered by Void Basys amps and Citronic 3 channel amps which are fine but we would like to switch them all to Matrix 4 channel EQ amplifiers by the end of the year.

Finally we need to mention that more investment will be made in lighting toward the end of this month as we are a little short on new products to work alongside the moving heads. the current stock is fine but a few more won’t harm and it will look even better when the whole lighting rig is out on hire. We will post pictures and videos soon once the new arrivals are here.