Oh where do we start?

It’s been too long since the last blog and we have had a few issues in November starting with a Void Kryo 6 amplifier. We managed to blow it up, due to a dodgy speakon connection or maybe the wiring inside it, we big time blew the 2 channel amp when setting up a hire. The night was saved by a Matrix 5000MF but it was still a bit annoying when it went., all fixed now though, thankfully.


The Void VLF 21s have been out a couple of times along with the Void Arcline 15s and good greef do they sound awesome. We are so pleased with them and i think the chap who bought the other 2 Arcline 15s is chuffed with his purchase too.

The month is looking good for hire again with new people approaching us more and more through word of mouth and good advertising (thankyou GNT media). We have Resonance records onboard, Dirty filthy are now onboard and a new group of guys who call their night “Funktion” have seen the light and are also onboard. They will be using 5.5k for mad friday.

Finally we are so looking forward to doing as many parties as possible this christmas and new year, so wherever you end up enjoy christmas and have a happy new year.