A lot has happened here at Lancashire PA Hire since I last posted…

We’ve installed one half of the “BIG RIG” at Slam Bar in Oldham and the report on it was “OMG it’s awesome!“, of course once we had the amps set up to their optimum we just had to crank it up and test it properly.

At 4.5kW and representing only half of the intended final system it was impressive to say the least, so as a 9kW rig it will be mind-blowing!


In other news:

Bees Knees in Accrington (where Darren Alderfield resides on a Friday – 10pm till 3am) has had an additional Void Basys Amplifier added to the current one as the Saturday Night DJ insisted it wasn’t loud enough!

He now has 2000 Watts to play with!
– (I just hope that’s enough for him!)


Bees Knees in Burnley has also had the sound tweeked by us to get just a little more from it, and we have been over to a pub in Huddersfield today to install another Void sound system, on hire temporarily whilst we strip down and repair their old in-house system.


I hope that Burnley, Accrington and Huddersfield enjoy the weekend with their new sound systems! Supplied and fitted of course by yours truly at the North West’s premier supplier of quality PA Systems, Lancashire PA Hire.