Just a brief blog as it’s almost time for easter holidays and we have a lot to put out on hire over the forthcoming break.

The hire situation is very good at the minute with a lot of emails and calls coming in for future events. With the easter weekend nearly upon us the guys down in Widnes need 5.5k again for a long weekend of events they have on. The second 5.5k rig is out in burnley for another event i cannot mention at the minute, aswell as the moving head lighting and effects that will be going with it.

We had one of the 5k rigs down in Barcodes basement last weekend for Resonance records and we have to say it sounded beautifull when we called in at 4am to have a look and a listen. Mark Horsfall from Resonance records commented; “BIG THANKS to Lancashire PA for the supply and installation of a very loud soundsystem last Saturday. The service was excellent, and the sound system was quality! ”

That’s all for now…