Here at Lancashire PA hire we have decided that this month is the time to get rid of items not needed or not suitable for current hire or installs. First to go is the Void Kryo 6, 2 channel amplifier which was immediately replaced with a Void QX6, 4 channel amp. Second to go is an Ecler 2000 2 channel amp and finally the Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus is also on its way out and being replaced with,,, a Vestax PMC 580 pro 4 channel mixer. The decision to get rid of the nexus mixer was a big one but it’s time for something different and after watching Carl Cox use one this year, we are certain the decision is the right one.

The month is looking ok for us at the minute but it is only the start of week 2 so this dip gives us time to adjust stock and do a few repairs.

Finally we are looking forward to working with the guys at Resonance Records, Funktion Promotions and Dirty filthy Promotions this year after a great December of festivities with them all, here’s to getting the bigger 11k rig out to their events rather than just 5.5k. (know what we mean guys, hint hint)