If you have been wondering where the heck the regular blogs have disappeared to the the answer why is as follows;
Firstly we had major issues with dreamweaver on the imac in the office so with GNT Medias help we collectively decided to cross over to the light side and rebuild the site in wordpress. It has taken a month or two to sort out but we can happily say it looks fresher and brighter than it did before.
Utilising the same layout we have improved the overall look and appearance of the site which now gives us the opportunity to blog, add more pics and get a video done showing you exactly what we have to offer.
Secondly we have been getting rid of more old stock over the same time period to make way for the new Pioneer XDJ-R1 WIRELESS REKORDBOX DJ PLAYER AND CONTROLLER.
It’s the hire item we have been waiting for as it frees up the CDJ NEXUS players and the Vestax PMC 580 making it quicker and easier when hiring a sound system with dj equipment.
Finally can we just say it’s nice to be back blogging as it is enjoyable posting the latest news and gossip. Keep an eye out for additional pictures and videos pretty soon…