The new improved LPA Void Sound Systems.

Here at LPA (Lancashire PA Hire) for the past 10 years our hire stock has mainly been speakers supplied by Void Acoustics. The black Version 2 Air Motions have done us proud for the past 22 months and the Stasys X V2s have wowed a lot of crowds across the North West in 2015/16. For smaller systems we stock the new Stasys 2 tops and the Stasys 118 bass cabs alongside our trusty Mycro 8 speakers.
Here’s the thing though, Void Acoustics have now got the new Nexus XL and Nexus Q ready for customers so that means LPA is going to have a HUGE restructure of stock.

We are keeping the trusted Air Motions as theres no need to get rid of those fantastic 3 way tops but the Stasys X version 2 bass cabs have already gone to a new home making way for……..
6 Void Acoustics Nexus XL and 2 Nexus Q speakers all in black and red. As the picture shows below the set up will look beautiful and sound absolutely phenomenal.

The reason for doing all this is so that we can work together with our affiliates The Audio Group who have exactly the same set up already. When we combine our systems we can supply 12 Void acoustics Nexus XL Subs along with 4 Void Acoustics Nexus Q bass cabs plus 4 Void Acoustics Air Motions (2 per side) which means we can cater for any event up to approximately 3000 people.
We are looking at taking our system across the whole of the UK and hopefully into Europe next year to demonstrate what our combined system can do.

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