Our aim this year at Lancashire PA Hire was to have the Void Air motion  sound system bigger and louder to attract more work in the festival and nightclub scene.
We are so pleased to tell you that we have bought 2 more Void Acoustics Stasys X V2 bass cabs ready for this years Beats Cancer festival which  means we can now run at a capacity of 18000 watts with our Void Acoustics Air Motion sound system.


As well as sound improvements this year we have also bought 4 more high output lights to add to the moving head collection, sadly we just didn’t have the time to fit them on the trussing for Beats Cancer but pictures of the new improved lighting rig will be on our next blog with updated prices on the hire page too.


Finally it is time to change some of our amplification to more powerful and compatible amps. Void now use Powersoft amplification with their own DSP programs so this is what we will be moving on to pretty soon for the biggest sound system, the smaller Void sound systems will still use Matrix amplifiers with OHM Oyster processing for the time being.