The other day here at Lancashire PA hire, Tom Volpe from GNT Media and myself Darren Alderfield were talking about the importance of getting your event “right on the night”. When involved with event planning, attention to detail is of the highest importance. A lot of people often put great amounts of energy into venue selection, decoration, and food, but one aspect that often gets overlooked is professional sound.

In this day and age, anyone with an iPod feels like they are a “DJ”. I’m sure you know a few. Either your roommate, cousin, brother, or co-worker is a “DJ”. When planning a party, it seems like an easy fit to hire them. You may get a discount, but are you really getting a good deal? To avoid embarrassing difficulties, leave it to the experts. Here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional sound company and DJ.

1) Dependability – If you hire friends or acquaintances to take care of your sound needs, you run the risk of having them ‘no-show’. Maybe they come down with an illness, or maybe their car breaks down. Whatever happens, you want to ensure that the show goes on. Professional companies have back-up staff to fill in during any unfortunate situations.

2) Expertise – At your event you want the sound equipment set-up and sound-checked before the guests arrive. The DJ should be prepared and ready to play when you need them. There should also be extra staff on hand to deal with any additional requests.

3) Equipment – A professional sound company will have equipment that can be fine-tuned for any venue. If the acoustics are utilized properly, sound will fill the room without any distortion. Amateurs rarely have access to high-level sound, and if they do, they are typically not capable of running it. Professionals will also have extra microphones on hand for toasts and announcements.

4) Music Selection – Professional DJs have access to any song on the radio. They also have new songs that are not yet available to the public. If your musical tastes are underground (not on the radio), let the sound company know before hand, and they can fulfill any of your requests.

5) Experience – Professional DJs are skilled in mixing, utilizing sound equipment, crowd control, and public speaking. Amateurs may be capable in a few of these areas, but rarely have experience in all. Pros have performed at countless events, and quick solutions for any sound related problems.

If those five points aren’t convincing enough to hire professional sound, watch ‘ipod wedding disaster’ and related videos on youtube. Or, book an event with amateur “DJs”. After either, you will be convinced that hiring professionals is the only way to go.