January is always a worry for most companies in any sector, we are ok here at Lancashire pa hire and the work is coming in nicely. Repairs for many people in many places is what we are concentrating on at present.  Heavy handed types have damaged a few things here and there which we are taking care of.

Bookings are coming in for february up to july so that is always a bonus. Also a few venues have contacted us about upgrading their current sound systems as they now have the confidence and cash to look into the future with positivity, that is exactly what we want to help our clients with.

No plans as yet for new products this year but Void audio have released a new bass bin, the stasys x air is a gorgeous thing which we would certainly like to get out hands on but not just yet. The only item to be replaced is the void QX6 amp, it’s too unreliable so another Matrix 6004 is being ordered on monday to replace it.

Thats all for now but no doubt there will be plenty to blog about soon.

PS please join the new Facebook page that head honcho Darren Alderfield has started called UK TINNITUS SUPPORT ORGANISATION more details to follow soon but everything will be explained on the page