Things to consider.

We are being optimistic here but hopefully the weather will get better soon which will allow us get on with planning your event, wedding or party in marquees, teepees and in the open. Spring is on its way for sure so that means your event needs planning to make certain it runs smoothly on the day. When having a gathering on an open site or in a marquee / teepee there are a few things you may not realise we will need to assess with you for the event to run smoothly and safely;

1. Generators to supply your power need to be reliable and large enough to run sound, light, bars, kitchens and more, we can supply them if the company your hiring your coverage from does not already have them.

2. Security of the site needs to be considered when the night concludes, we will send a team of 2 to collect the sound system and lighting you have hired for your event to guarantee nothing goes missing in the night when you have left. Teepee companies and alike don’t have to worry about theft as their equipment is very hard to steal.

3. If you do the event yourself as an iPod package you need to be certain that your music isn’t saved on a service that needs wifi, it has happened in the past where a customer only had their music on iCloud which was a big problem in a field in the back of beyond. We will look at how you have your playlists stored for your event to make certain the tunes can be heard by everyone.

Don’t let everything we have discussed above worry you, we will assist you in planning your event and we will make certain your party whether it be inside or out has power, proper coverage, sound, lighting and dj equipment to impress the audience.


Lets us plan it with you.

Here at Lancashire PA Hire we are able to supply small and medium sound systems with discreet yet bright led lighting right up to large and impressive sound systems with nightclub style led lighting. We stock the latest Void acoustics and OHM acoustics sound systems and up to date professional Pioneer DJ equipment as well as microphones, studio / band mixers, monitors and lots more.

If you want to do the event yourself using 2, 3 or 6000 watt sound systems with iPod capability, we can supply it for you.

If you want us to do the event with 3, 6, 9 or 18’000 watt sound systems, we can definitely do it for you.