As most of you will know i go under the name of Darren Alderfield as a DJ and Darryl Fraser in the real world. Being the owner of Lancashire PA hire i have had to make a huge decision about dj ing every weekend. With trying to do hire and gigs it’s becoming a problem fitting it all in especially when a last minute problem needs addressing or someone needs my help. With that in mind its time to give up the late night gigs and concentrate on sound system hire, weddings and parties whatever the occasion maybe. I or “we” are are now on call 7 days a week from 10am till 9pm . If you phone after 9pm on a week day we can still discuss your needs but if calling on a friday or saturday after 7pm we can’t promise an immediate response as we could be playing at a customers party till 12 o’clock. The best way to contact us is via email as we can monitor these at any time.

Now we can cover a lot more parties all at once, whether they are a teenie tinie party or a huge event we have lots more choice to hire out. If you visit the hire page you will see the small party packs up to the huge event systems. Lighting, smoke and sound have all been improved and increased to cater for more customers quicker. Please visit the hire page and email your request through so that we can get you booked in.
Whilst we are on sound systems we are very pleased to have fitted two OHM Oyster sound processors into the big rig amp racks. At more than a 1000 pound for the two Oysters you can hear a huge difference, we have also tweaked the settings on the 6.5 inch driver and the 1.5 inch tweeter in the 3 way Void tops, the difference is simply gorgeous.

So to conclude this blog, 4 party packs, 16 000 watts of void acoustics sound that can be broken down into 2 smaller sizes, more lighting, more smoke and more time to get all this gear out to large and small gatherings across the North West.

All the best and don’t hesitate in contacting us for anything you need…