Exciting things have been happening here at Lancashire PA hire towers . We have been busy with sound system hire but it has highlighted a few problems.

Phono cables and xlr / phono leads seem to be an issue of late . A couple of gigs had a few sound issues due to the phono to xlr lead failing and at another gig the cd player phono connection decided to fail. With this in mind we have taken drastic action and hunted around for high quality connections and cables. We came across Klotz Cables from Germany extremely high quality cables and very expensive but they will not fail.

This month we have decided to make another major purchse. After debating whether or not to do it, we agreed it has to be done. We have ordered 2 Void acoustics Arcline VLF twin 21″ bass bins which will replace 2 of the 15″ bass bins. This will bring our big rig up to 11000 watts and will run from 25hz, low low low.

Finally the first update has come through for the CDJ 2000 nxs players so it will be interesting to see what Pioneer have changed already.