The Beginning

From the age of eight years old my life has revolved around collecting music which automatically led me into dj ing. About 17 years ago i was offered a set of speakers which i thought would be ideal for the next party, i purchased them and it has led on to something much much bigger and a lot lot louder.
The Past
They say in business you should work on a three year plan, i have done that 4 or 5 times now over the past 17 years as the sound, light and dj equipment business has changed so much, more so in the last ten years. My plan has always been work hard, save and then purchase what you can afford which i have always done but now competition is strong and speaker manufacturers are pushing even harder to stand out.


Right Now

Now i can say that the business is up there with the larger companies and we are winning the bigger contracts because LPA brings that personal touch to the event and supplies top of the range reliable products. I have had numerous brands of speakers and amplifiers over the years but now my heart is set on a UK company called Void Acoustics. 

I purchased my first Void bass cab back in 2004 and have had numerous boxes from them over the last 13 years, Now i am pleased to say 2017 sees us stocking Void Air Motions, Nexus 21s, Nexus Qs, Air Vantage, Air Tens, Stasys 118s, Stasys 2s, Mycro 10s, Mycro 8s and these are now all run by Void / Powersoft amplifiers.


The Future

I am now proud to say that WE as a business can make your event very very special and very loud. LPA can supply packages for small parties and systems for thousands of people with current Void Acoustics stock. 

Moving forward from here means we need to work alongside someone else.The Audio Group are a great group of guys who we get on with extremely well and over the past six months both companies have built a friendship that is probably due to the same Void Acoustics obsession.

The level we can both now cater for is huge and this will take us further afield and who knows maybe even further than that..