We thought this year wouldn’t need any more changes but it had to happen again, we have spent more money. Apart from the Void Arcline X drivers being reconed we decided to recone the Void Basys drivers aswell as they are the same type as the Arcline X, it would of been daft not reconing both of them.

On top of this we have purchased 2 DB Technologies 31ooL amps to power the Void Arcline VLF low end bass bins to get the maximum from them. The sound from the 6k stack is now awesome to say the least.We are trying now to sell a Void Kryo 6 amp and a Void Viper amp on ebay but the p takers on ebay  want them for practically nothing so we can see them being kept for installs or spares if we don’t get sensible offers on them both.

Finally the Pioneer XDJ R1 unit we purchased about a month ago did have  a few issues but after a firmware update we can report that the unit is absolutely fantastic and head honcho Darren Alderfield now uses it all the time apart from very special occasions when he takes the CDJ 2000 nexus players out for a spin…

All the best for now.