Another pair of Air.

Lancashire PA Hire LPA Void acoustics North West

Over the past 3 years we have invested heavily into more Void Acoustics products including speakers, amplifiers and time to get the hire stock exactly where it needs to be, that being said we are never happy with what we have as there is always something new to buy.
With the success of our black Air Motions we decided that now is the right time to purchase another pair in black to boost our festival stage capability.
Four air motions running on top of 6 Nexus 21s and 2 Nexus Qs plus 4 more Nexus 21s for infill means that we can now cater for 1500 people on a main stage.

Exciting projects for 2018.

With our commitment to getting bigger and bigger we are now in talks to supply sound and lighting for some serious 5000 capacity events in the Lancashire area, if we could announce it we would but we need to keep our lips sealed until all the contracts are signed.
Already though our existing clients at Beats Cancer, Witton Park, Small Town Sessions and Aura are now getting their information into us so that we can make necessary adjustments to the requirements for their events.

We will keep you updated as to when the new clients will allow us to announce what is to be for them and us, one heck of a summer…