Reverting back to the old way of advertising.

Here at LPA like numerous other companies we spend lots of time and effort on SEO and back linking to maximise our advertising spread. We will always do this as its the only way to stay ahead of the competition but we now think its time to revert back to face to face meetings and good quality leaflet hand outs as well.

We think the customer likes to have something they can revert to when organising their party or event rather than having to use an app or go through a bookmark on their computer.  Business cards are obviously a must but why not a nicely designed good quality fold out leaflet instead.

New colleague onboard.

With advertising changes in mind we decided to move our SEO and advertising work to our friends at So Very Apt. The reason for the move was to have the facility to sit and work with a local business meaning changes and improvements can me made together during the working day.

LPA Lancashire PA Hire

Planning for Halloween and Christmas.

With the holiday season almost upon us its time to plan for all the festivities and Christmas parties and weddings.  NYE is another huge night we are also planning for as existing customers are already booking our sound systems and lighting packages ready for partying into 2018.

We strongly advise that you book early to guarantee a sound system at your party or event this year whether it be one of our Pioneer Pro Audio systems, Void Acoustics or Funktion One.  Also we have sets of Pioneer DJ equipment comprising of CDJ 2000 Nexus players and DJM 900 Nexus mixers.  Whatever you need please call us on 07799 898 172 or email to get your package booked in.

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