Why is it there is always something to paint, modify, repair or just tweak in this business. Nothing major has happened for a while now (touch wood ) but you are always wondering what will break or who will damage something, it’s just the nature of the game really.

All our amp racks are modified and tweaked now after buying 2 DB Technologies 3100L amplifiers. They are running the Void Arcline VLF speakers which now feel and sound fantastic alongside the Void Arcline x speakers. We can happily say that it isn’t worth buying cheap amps, with only DB, Matrix and void amps we will not have any issues at all.

This weekend is very busy with a handful of hires in Blackburn, Clitheroe and Burnley so Mick and myself (Darren Alderfield) are flat out all weekend.

Have a good weekend and lets get through today without any superstitious issues…