With this fine weather we are getting at the minute it makes it so much easier to do outside events, we have being hosting more parties with djs and bands over the last two months and all of them have been out in the open. As we are doing more band work we have been investing in more proel mics, 8 core stage looms and mic stands to go with the 8, 12, and 16 channel mixers we already have in stock.

The hire is very busy at the moment with iPod weddings, iPod parties and large systems going out on wet hires, the Void air motions and stasys x bass cabs are going out frequently too and when they do the clients are blown away.

The big events are coming up on August 1st and September 5th utilising the air motions, stasys x, arcline x and impulse 3 ts, we can’t wait for those.

Finally lighting is what we are improving now, we have already purchased new light bars and are getting more moving heads pretty soon, all items can be viewed on youtube via