Heres to event number 2/3/4……

Lancashire PA Hire LPA Void acoustics North West

It was a year ago we had an idea to work on our own projects utilising the hire stock we own, on December 1st 2018 we launched Endor & Friends.  We spent the week rebuilding and redesigning the venue to suit the Void Acoustics sound system, LED screens on trussing with ADJ R1 lights and additional vertijet smoke machines and CO2 guns.  It was a huge success and we are looking to take it to more cities across the North West in 2019 and hopefully festival stages in 2020.

Looking forward to the new year.

Lancashire PA Hire LPA Void acoustics North West

With events catered for across the whole of England and Wales we are now looking at taking things over the border and into the hills of Scotland.  2019 will see us using our Void Acoustics stock, LED screens and intelligent lighting at events throughout the summer in 3 zones of the UK.
As we are now venturing further we think santa should bring us a set of Void Air 8s to sit alongside our Air tens and then some Void 210i bass cabs which would work well as these powered bins can run a multitude of our tops with the pre programmed settings.
We have just purchased a handful of Sennheiser EW D1 835 cordless microphones plus a few headset packs so that alongside the Allen and Heath SQ5 desk we can supply 3/4/5 or more piece bands with wireless set ups via high quality mics and very high quality desks.

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of our customers past, present and future.

We will see you on the dance floor in 2019.

Lancashire PA Hire LPA Void acoustics north West