Don’t you just hate in when you have all your passwords on that special usb pen and one day it decides to corrupt itself, bloody annoyed is one word we used. All passwords were on there and could we recover the pen? NO not a chance.
3 hours was spent on recovering passwords from websites we could remember and whilst doing so it triggered the minds of us all to recoup the rest. The key thing here is to make sure you have everything backed up, maybe even back it up twice.

Amplifier news is that we got another Matrix mother fucker but this one is big, very big. An MF10000 has been bought to compliment all the other Matrix amplifiers. it puts out 5000 watts per channel at 4ohms and does it ever sound beautiful on the twin 21s…

Lastly don’t forget that we are on Facebook as “Lancashire pa hire” as a lot of you already know but if you also have issues with tinnitus you can find Darren Alderfields page “UK Tinnitus support organisation”
You may be interested in looking at what he has found out about tinnitus being a sufferer for the past twelve years.
Join the face book pages and get involved with your thoughts and tips …

Speak to you all soon..