So, since the last blog things have been ticking over nicely and bookings for the last 3 months of this year have also been coming in. On that basis we have made a big decision to get the Void tops to complete the big rig.

The tops are the Void impulse 3ts and there are 4 on their way. These will sit on top of 4 Arcline X twin 15s and 2 Void Arcline VLF twin 21s. The separate stacks will now run at 7.5k (twin 21, 2 x twin 15s and 2 3t 3 way tops per stack) each which when running flat out will impress everyone in the room. As you can see in the picture, this is just 1 stack set up as there wasnt enough room for the two. We can’t wait to get it running.

New years eve is booked already with the 15k rig and mad friday is also now booked, we have had halloween enquiries but not certain as to which venue yet.

To conclude things are looking great for us here at Lancashire pa hire and we can’t wait to get the new systems out and about in Lancashire and beyond.