As a small business you look up to the bigger companies and imagine yourself doing what they do on their scale, and further to a number of investments into new equipment, transportation and staff, it’s safe to say that as well as the smaller hires, we are now in a position to take on much larger productions…  So, when we were asked to supply sound and light for the event “BEATS CANCER” , we couldn’t wait to get involved.

What we supplied

We went the whole hog and decided we should supply sound and light for both the main stage on the bandstand and in the secondary smaller tent.  Starting at 9am to ensure everything was set up, tested and ready for the revellers, and finishing at 3am the next morning proved we can see an event through from start to finish, and for such a good cause, it was certainly worth the effort. The sound system on the main stage incorporated 2 Void Stasys X V2 bass cabs, 2 void V2 Air motion array tops, 2 Void impulse 3 tees and 4 Void Arcline X double 15s. The monitors were W audio active speakers which received lovely comments from the legendary Paul Taylor, who loved the clarity and was super impressed with the whole rig – big thumbs up! The northern soul tent was kitted out with our Brooke pro set up which used 2 – 18 inch bass cabs, 4 – 8 inch tops and 2 Void Basys amplifiers. The DJs loved their set up and it was great to hear the crackles of the old 7inch vinyls.


The lighting on the bandstand was kept simple as daylight didn’t allow it to shine at it best. Three moving heads were positioned on trussing above the DJs and 2 ADJ Ultra 9 bars were sat beside the Stasys bass cabs. They did stand out towards the end when the sun went down and as a result we have since purchased 2 more of the same moving heads and more tri truss to improve our lighting and rigging stock. Also expect two more ADJ Ultra 9 bars to be added to our list shortly as well, giving us even more light.


To conclude it was a very long day and the Lancashire PA Hire team were shattered by the time we got the equipment back to base, but we proved to a lot of happy people that we’re now fully equipped and able to fulfil large events exactly like this one.

PS, Bontan loved the sound system too…