It’s been extremely busy for us over the past month. August was very good for hire and the bank holiday was very busy indeed with sound systems out and lots of additional work on top. Yet again Mark Horsfall hired a 4.5k rig for another Reasonance Records deep house night, which went very well as always and we put an addditional 4.5k into the Bees Knees in Oldham just to boooooost the last long weekend.

September 1st is going to be good fun. We are heading over to Wheelton to do a big event. A 5k rig, trussing to sit moving heads and led lighting on, haze machines and tons of cabling. We are looking forward to getting it all rigged up and we will have some shots of the event on the site next week.

Finally Darren Alderfield, the owner of Lancashire PA hire has reported problems with his tinnitus again. It’s got a touch stronger through hazards of the job but now insists on all djs and staff members to protect their hearing at all times, even when you least expect it. He uses acs custom ear moulds with 15db filters in and has a spare pair with 17db filters in. As he mentions look after your ears even if you don’t have ringing as you may get it eventually if you don’t.