It’s always a difficult decision when new equipment gets released whether you should make changes to the gear you already have. Pioneer have brought out a new unit, the XDJ-R1 which simplifies the djing aspect because you only have one unit to plug in and play, the problem is the unit has arrived with glitches which we can work around but it needs sorting.¬†Dont get us wrong it is a great unit but should never of been sent out with the problems it has, Pioneer please get your act together.

Whilst we are discussing equipment the tops we use are very good but it’s time to up the game we thinks. Hopefully in the next few months 2 void stasys phils will be purchased to sit ontop of the arcline x and vlf bins to give the big rig the boost and image we want it to have, pics will be online once the decision has been made.

Finally we hope you like the new look site, we do as it’s so much easier to blog and make changes.

That’s all for now…